Home — far and away

The more I withdraw myself from the commonalities of the world, the more I feel like connecting back to my Source

It’s a place that will bring out layers of eccentricities that I try to hide from this world

A place that will embrace the child in me that I had safely wrapped with a glittery shield of maturity

A place that will either echo with my beliefs or tell me I’m wrong, offering me the much-needed wisdom

A place that will slow down my racing thoughts that ooze messily out of the human container I am

A place that will comfort my soul into believing, that scars and wounds are catalysts in rebuilding myself

A place that will reflect the passion in my eyes to translate it into ecstasy

A place that will fill me up with the fragrance of new hopes and dreams

A place that will reverberate with promises of love that I had always longed for

I want to run back to the place that will make me feel Home

But what if Home is not a Place but a Person?

Originally published on: https://medium.com/@akkshayavarkhedi

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