Why are you better than your competition?

If you're in sales or marketing, one classic question you always come across is, "Why is your product better than your competition?" And one of the most boring yet common answers is a list of feature differences. Something like, "We have XYZ features, but the competition doesn't have." First, let's try to understand why prospects … Continue reading Why are you better than your competition?

What’s in a Linkedin profile?

I've always had an aversion to LinkedIn. It's mainly because of the way people use the 'professional networking platform.' For example, some things I dislike are, when people use LinkedIn to post Plagiarized content for likesWhatsApp forwards as if Facebook and Twitter aren't enough,About 'celebrating a teammate' — something that I believe has a significant … Continue reading What’s in a Linkedin profile?


Little does the heart knowHow to let goOf the deeply etched memoriesThe perfectly timed momentsThe sound of endless laughterAnd the forlorn silent sobsIt's hard, my friend; it's hard. With no choice leftAcceptance becomes your best friendShe's not easy to get alongNot unless you're readyTo embrace your vulnerabilitiesAnd sing songs of hopeEven if your voice trembles … Continue reading Acceptance

A common blind spot in headline copywriting

Writing website copy is exciting yet challenging. Why? You use your creativity to come up with a catchy headline. You're excited about it. But you've no clue if a prospect who lands on the page can make sense of the headline before reading further.  So you assume the identity of a prospect and read it. … Continue reading A common blind spot in headline copywriting