Product decisions

When I use an app, and something related to its functionalities or UI/UX stands out or doesn’t make sense, I wonder why the product manager decided to build or design the app a certain way. And I’ll ask myself what I’d do if I were in their position. 

These conversations have always happened in my head. But it’s best to note them down so that it gives me a chance to understand other people’s perspectives and, in a way, expand my learning. 

Here it goes — my humble attempt to create the Product decisions category on my blog. 
If you have a different take, please add a comment. 🙂

Figma – Hiding side panels and toolbar

If users want a distraction-free view that helps them focus on the designs alone, Figma allows hiding the side panels and toolbar.  It can be achieved using a keyboard shortcut (Command + \ in Mac and Windows + \…

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