My two cents on decision-making

When at a crossroads, we experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed about making a decision. Whether it be a small decision or a life-altering one, the way we perceive this scenario could be the same. Sometimes we fight the thought of what's morally acceptable and not. We invite many factors to determine if our decision is … Continue reading My two cents on decision-making

Work on things you want to get better at

One standard piece of advice I've heard from many is to work on things that we are good at and would excite us. The rationale behind this advice is to double down on things we have expertise in and experience a sense of satisfaction while working on familiar tasks. This is good advice, but I could … Continue reading Work on things you want to get better at

Going beyond our work identity

Anytime I meet a stranger or an acquaintance, I introduce myself using my professional identity. "Hello, I work as a PM at a startup."And that's it. It's as if there's nothing more to me than being a product manager at an early-stage startup. Hence, my conversations revolve only around tech, SaaS, etc.  Though this is a … Continue reading Going beyond our work identity

The trap of wanting to be right

All of us have had difficult conversations in our life.  A conversation turns bitter when we don't allow the other person to express their views because it could hurt our beliefs. When this happens, the other person will simply unhook themselves from the conversation because they feel exhausted that we don't get it. The devil … Continue reading The trap of wanting to be right

Social media, politics, and drawing boundaries

So many people, including science experts, have spoken about the harmful effects of social media. And most of their viewpoints emphasize the 'addiction' part more than anything. I agree that social media apps have the intelligence to know what to show on our timelines to make us stick to the app. However, one aspect of … Continue reading Social media, politics, and drawing boundaries

On turning inspiration into action

Let's say you read an interesting article. The title is catchy, the content is actionable, and it contains examples you could relate to. It helps you with a new perspective, a new idea. As you read that gripping article, your pupils dilate. You feel inspired and believe this is something you want to do. Once … Continue reading On turning inspiration into action

Boredom could become your best friend

Boredom is the state of being weary, tired, and restless. It does not emerge from lacking things to do. Sometimes we feel bored despite knowing there's more work left. We all have experienced boredom at different points in our lives, and it's not something we enjoy. The most common way we fight boredom is through … Continue reading Boredom could become your best friend

Cognitive reframing – an antidote to overthinking

Overthinking has been my second nature for the most part of my life. I believe it results from shame, guilt, fear, and insecurities I experienced as a child. For many years, I allowed my anxious brain to dictate my reactions to situations. It only made me feel worse about myself.  I'm not sure if there's … Continue reading Cognitive reframing – an antidote to overthinking