My two cents on decision-making

When at a crossroads, we experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed about making a decision. Whether it be a small decision or a life-altering one, the way we perceive this scenario could be the same. Sometimes we fight the thought of what's morally acceptable and not. We invite many factors to determine if our decision is … Continue reading My two cents on decision-making

Cognitive reframing – an antidote to overthinking

Overthinking has been my second nature for the most part of my life. I believe it results from shame, guilt, fear, and insecurities I experienced as a child. For many years, I allowed my anxious brain to dictate my reactions to situations. It only made me feel worse about myself.  I'm not sure if there's … Continue reading Cognitive reframing – an antidote to overthinking

The value of “I don’t know”

Every time a senior employee or manager explained an idea with immense passion, I used to play along. My response to them would be, "Sounds great," or "Makes sense!." I'd signal my agreement by instantly jumping to discuss the next steps. Once the discussion gets over, I'd feel weird. I'd ask myself - "Did you … Continue reading The value of “I don’t know”

Communicate your ideas clearly

No matter what role you're in, communication is integral. And with the increase in the number of companies that lean towards remote work, the importance of communication can't be stressed enough. Be it daily stand-ups, Slack messages, emails, or long decision-making meetings — you've got to ensure that your coworkers, stakeholders, or customers listen to … Continue reading Communicate your ideas clearly