The value of “I don’t know”

Every time a senior employee or manager explained an idea with immense passion, I used to play along. My response to them would be, "Sounds great," or "Makes sense!." I'd signal my agreement by instantly jumping to discuss the next steps. Once the discussion gets over, I'd feel weird. I'd ask myself - "Did you … Continue reading The value of “I don’t know”

Communicate your ideas clearly

No matter what role you're in, communication is integral. And with the increase in the number of companies that lean towards remote work, the importance of communication can't be stressed enough. Be it daily stand-ups, Slack messages, emails, or long decision-making meetings — you've got to ensure that your coworkers, stakeholders, or customers listen to … Continue reading Communicate your ideas clearly

Talk goals during product demos

Let’s say you’re selling live chat software to a customer support manager. You're aware of their business and the challenges with their customer support. So you structure your conversation around their problems and the magnificent solution you can offer. On the other hand, there’s another live chat software that offers similar features as you do. … Continue reading Talk goals during product demos

An unfamiliar hope

Published on Busy markets, crowded schoolsCar drivers cursing under their breathOffice goers swarming like beesInside overcrowded compartments I thought to myself"What a mundane life!"Is this a bigger rattrap?Wealth and status, the baits? Days passedWith no ray of hopeOut of the blueA remarkable eventNews readers parroted mechanicallyThe same wicked words An infectious AgentSeeped into the … Continue reading An unfamiliar hope

Documentation – a foolproof way to fall in love with the problem

As a product manager, when you discover a problem, you're more likely to believe that you've uncovered the symptoms. It may be because many customers talk about the same problem, so you assume you're aware of the details. For example, imagine you’re building design software. Some customers tell you that they want your software to … Continue reading Documentation – a foolproof way to fall in love with the problem