Be here now

racing heart
wavering mind
teary eyes
what’s causing this sudden disharmony?

not so much the hues of today
but the stories of the past
the imagination of the future
gracefully binding together
vagaries of emotions
taking away the beauty of the present

holding on to the memories
filled with bitterness and shame
painting a false picture of words
burdening the realities of today
with the scars from the past
what can stop this self-inflicting ordeal?

it’s funny even a pendulum reaches its equilibrium
despite being tormented by external forces
but what can armour this heart
from going back and forth?

shred the notion of time
it’s the womb that gives birth to
a victim of the past, a slave to the future
surrender to the truth that is today

peel off the layers of ego
blur the thoughts that take you to familiar places
invite hope with a warm smile
embrace the now with open arms

hang in there,
that is your safe place.

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