Social media, politics, and drawing boundaries

So many people, including science experts, have spoken about the harmful effects of social media. And most of their viewpoints emphasize the ‘addiction’ part more than anything.

I agree that social media apps have the intelligence to know what to show on our timelines to make us stick to the app. However, one aspect of addiction that can make us emotionally weak and turn us into restless people is political views.

I firmly believe that most of us are denied easy access to the truth, and most of what does rounds on the internet are made-up stories or personal, exaggerated opinions. In addition to that, there’s an endless desire to label people and their preferences to feed one’s ego. I’ve encountered this many times. And, I’m aware of the consequences of indulging in them.

These stories drain me out emotionally and make me feel hopeless. It’s funny because my life, without the influence of social media politics, is pretty extraordinary. But what these stories make me believe about my life is scary.

Some of you might think that this is rather an ignorant take. Let me remind you about Publilius Syrus’s famous quote in Latin: “In nil sapiendo vita iucundissima est,” which translates to “In knowing nothing, life is most delightful.” I choose to take this seriously. I’m sure such detachment might not be possible for many people, especially if their life revolves around covering political stories or having the power to make a change. I’m neither of them.

So, I recently unfollowed and muted many Twitter accounts that discuss politics. Drawing this boundary was necessary for me. My timeline never looked so fresh and engaging.

I get to see a lot of tweets related to philosophy, product management, productvity, furry animals, and some funny shitposts that make my day. It’s rejuvenating. I feel optimistic, confident, and at peace — things that social media is notorious for not offering. 😌

Sidenote: If I choose to learn about a political scenario, I do my own research by watching the news, reading the newspaper, or using the internet to help me with insights. I just don't appreciate social media reminding me about it every time.

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