My two cents on decision-making

When at a crossroads, we experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed about making a decision. Whether it be a small decision or a life-altering one, the way we perceive this scenario could be the same.

Sometimes we fight the thought of what’s morally acceptable and not. We invite many factors to determine if our decision is the “right” one. Though we know “right” and “wrong” are subjective, we still want to be correct and, sometimes, yearn for validation.

Be it the decision to stay at a job, marry someone, eat junk when we’re on a strict diet, cancel travel plans with friends, etc.; the list is endless. Sometimes we choose the more straightforward option, while other times, we purposefully choose the one that can help us grow. The latter could be personal preference or based on feedback from someone we trust.

  • While making a decision, what matters is how good we are at evaluating “what’s the worst that could happen” and being conscious about our judgment.
  • Remember that we make decisions based on our limited understanding of a given situationregretting it and beating ourselves up later is futile. What seemed like a good decision back then may not be valid today, and that’s okay.
  • When we reflect on a decision, we must consider what we learned about ourselves and the outcomes we want to avoid. Once we’re aware of what to avoid, we develop better judgement, and our quality of decision-making will also improve.

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