I painted myself
With the hues of the world
Silently wishing
For a magical transformation

As days passed, I sensed
A sudden withdrawal
Of the core of my being
Leaving behind a void — dark and deep

Lips curved into a frown
Heart sunk deep into misery
Eyes constantly looked for answers
Arms longed for a tenderly embrace.

Sat by myself, a Silhouette
She called herself the Inner Goddess
Asked me, dearly, “Colourful art, but where is the Light?”
I stared at the shadow, Mother of Mockery.

As my gaze shifted to the clouds
A sudden roar, an unexpected upheaval
Deafening my weak ears
Oh, Mother Nature’s talking.

That rumbling noise shook me up
As I underwent a state of hypnosis
That urged me to listen
To some golden words of wisdom

A brief moment of blackness filled the sky
As the clouds showered drops of pearls
Washing away the beautiful stains
A holy ablution

As I saw the oily rainbow
Spread across the dampened roads
I smiled and asked myself
“A rebirth or an epiphany?”

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