Be considerate while sharing knowledge

Let’s say you share an interesting post with your friend. You’re excited to know what they think about it. They say, “I’ll check it out!” but you never hear them talk about it later.

Similarly, in marketing, you email your blog links to your prospects/customers, expecting them to open, click, and read it. And when the open and click rates are incredibly low, you’re upset.

Well, let me break the news to you.

We’re all busy people.

Most of us have not mastered the art of prioritizing and managing our work well. So if your friends or customers don’t engage with your’ knowledge dump’, don’t be upset. Instead, try to help them. We can do this by being mindful of the reader’s time.

So, the next time you email your blog or video links to your customers, share an excerpt of the content to sell its value along with the reading time.

When the reader knows they’ll have to spend x minutes on consuming your content, it signals two things:

  • they will appreciate the fact that you’re mindful of their time
  • if the reading time is short, they’re more likely to click and read it

Also, if what you’ve shared can positively benefit the reader, and you’d like to hear from them, don’t hesitate to follow up. 

I love the emails that Patrick from ProfitWell sent after I downloaded their e-book.

The first email
The follow-up email

Getting your reader’s attention is not easy. But if you’re considerate about their time and frame of mind, they’d return the favour by engaging with you.

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