On glorification

When we glorify a person, thing or movement, we’re inviting a sack of blind spots. These blind spots are safe in the back of our mind. And we carry on with our life as if our choices are perfect. We achieve an illusionary state of happiness. We spend time defending what we believe in because, according to us, it’s the best.

We live in an age where we put celebrities, politicians, or activists on a pedestal. We develop unquestioning admiration for their actions. We hardly spend any time reflecting on our choices. It’s because we’re busy judging others for theirs.

That’s what glorification can do to us.

It magnifies our ego and destroys humility. It prompts us to dismiss a different worldview. It encourages us to get defensive about our choices. It tricks us into believing we know what we’re doing. It provokes us to become attached to the shiny labels we love. It strips us of authenticity.

In short, it can turn us into complacent hypocrites.

Glorification is a disaster. Don’t take that route.

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