On attachment

When we’re attached to a person, thing or moment, we’re subconsciously transferring our power to it. We think we own it. But the truth is the other way around. The thing we are attached to controls us. We’ll realise it when it’s gone. We tend to go berserk.

Many of us struggle with our past. It’s because we carry impressions from past events and safeguard them even today. So, we avoid everything that reminds us of it. We continue to hold that energy inside of us by resisting them.

It’s funny because that moment has already passed. But we allow it to live inside us even today. It’s like watering a dead plant. It doesn’t grow. But because we keep watering it every day, we will continue to think about it all the time.

Some of us might argue that it’s impossible to let go of a traumatic past. But as we disagree, we can see what our mind is doing to us. It’s resisting and dictating how we ought to feel. It’s ready to block new perspectives and an opportunity to grow.

That’s the awareness we need to get past our mental boundaries. Once we have it, we’ll learn to embrace acceptance.

And non-attachment will become our way of life.

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