Talk goals during product demos

Let’s say you’re selling live chat software to a customer support manager. You’re aware of their business and the challenges with their customer support. So you structure your conversation around their problems and the magnificent solution you can offer.

On the other hand, there’s another live chat software that offers similar features as you do. And your prospect might have a demo with them too.

How can you make it easy for the prospect to choose your product versus the competition?

The answer is by understanding their goals.

We’re not talking about business goals here. But the ones that are deeply personal to the prospect.

From our example, business goals can be things like,

  • achieving higher CSAT
  • reducing response and resolution times
  • improving the quality of responses.

The prospect’s personal goal could be as straightforward as getting promoted to become the Director or the VP of customer support.

And that’s possible if they,

  • make fast decisions that can help improve internal processes
  • boost their team’s productivity and morale
  • create more happy customers under their leadership.

We’ve got to be mindful of the stepping stones to their success. And make sure our conversation underscores how they can look good in front of their team and their boss. It’s because the decision to buy a new product or service is a deeply personal choice. Prospects must realize that you are invested in their success. 

If you’re selling a product with similar features as that of the competition, the biggest differentiator is how well you understand your prospects’ aspirations.

You’ve got to

  • empathize with their problems
  • become aware of the barriers to their success
  • narrate a story on how you can help them become successful.

As I always say, your prospect is the hero, their inner frustration is the villain, and your product is the guide. So, make sure you align your product demo story to what they want to achieve and how they can achieve it using your product.

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